Private Coaching

Like with music and academics, parents are becoming increasingly aware of the value of private coaching to help young athletes build confidence in, and a passion for, their chosen sport, and after isolation kids need to get back out being active.

Our experienced baseball coaches have expertise beyond specific tips and skills development and can also offer training in game rules, position specific tactics, aerobic and strength conditioning, nutrition and baseball sports psychology in a COVID safe environment.

The benefits of private coaching include:

  1. Immediate impact on performance – unlike  book or video, our Coaches can develop tailored training sessions focusing on specific areas of development.  Being able to instantly correct and eliminate the risk of developing bad habits that can lead to injury.
  2. Mentoring and sound-boarding frustration – our Coaches have played baseball for many years at many levels and can equip young players with the right tools to overcome the challenges of baseball at any level.
  3. Complementing team coaches – the responsibilities of the team coach outweighs his ability to focus on one-to-one skill development.  A private coach can provide position specific instructions and help players become strong contributors to their teams.
  4. Improvement and confidence – in only a few sessions your child will see concrete gains in their competitiveness within their peer group or team mates fuelling confidence and work ethics and attitude.

Our Head Coach Matt O’Neill has played baseball for over 25 years in Australia, US college and professional leagues.   Matt has coached Little League and Junior teams to 9 National Championships and he is currently on the Baseball Australia national coaching staff.  Matt is supported by a team of Coaches who have the same approach to baseball, player development and enthusiasm for the sport.  Our team of Coaches are available across Sydney for specialist training in all facets of baseball skill development.

We offer a wide range of private coaching packages to suit your budget, your time constraints and the outcomes you are looking for to help your child build self-esteem and a love for baseball.  Our block programs are recognised by the NSW Office of Sport and we can accept Active Kids Vouchers if you sign up for more than 8 sessions which is a great way to get your kids active.

You can call Matt on 0415 950 707 or complete the simple form below so that we can contact you. 

There is a misconception that private coaching is for elite player only, which is simply not true – private coaching has benefits to players of all levels and ages and it is never too early to start.  We would love to work with your young baseball player !!!!


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