Eagles Summer Series 2020


The Eagles Summer Series now in its 7th year is a fun, highly competitive weekend tournament for Junior and Senior League Division aged teams and will again be hosted by the Manly Warringah District Baseball Association at the sprawling Aquatic Baseball Complex.

12 and 13 December 2020

Registration can be completed via the PDF Registration form

 Eagles Summer Series 2020 Registration

or by completing the registration form below

Tournament Entry Conditions accepted by the authorised representative of the Team include:

  1. The Eagles Summer Series 2020 will be played using the SDS Eagles Rules in conjunction with Baseball Australia preferred rules for junior baseball in Australia as developed and published each year by Little League International.

  2. A timed game format will be adopted.

  3. Game balls will be provided by the Tournament Director.

  4. Team Roster size must be a maximum of 14 age eligible players.

  5. To be eligible players must be registered to play baseball in Australia for season 2020/21 with an affiliated Club at the time of the Tournament.

  6. Teams are required to bring an Umpire with them to the Tournament to cover a minimum of 2 games for the day. (*Umpires Bond refundable on a pro-rata basis if an umpire is supplied for each team entered into the Tournament)

  7. Teams are required to nominate a Player Roster no later than 1 week prior to the Tournament.

  8. Team are required to supply a Scorer for each team entered into the Tournament.

  9. The Head Coach of each team must have successfully completed the ASC Beginning Coaches General Principles Course as a minimum – recommended to hold a Level 2 or higher Baseball Australia Coaching Accreditation.

  10. All team staff 18 years and over must have valid working with children clearances including scorers.

  11. Any team withdrawing from the Tournament prior to commencement will incur a $50 processing fee.

  12. Should the Tournament be fully washed out all Entry Fees will be refunded to teams less a pro-rata share of committed Tournament expenses.

  13. Team rosters and photographs may be published – website, program, social media.

  14. Team entry is no guaranteed until Entry Fee payment is received.

  15. The Tournament Director has the right to reject any registrations.

  16. Teams agree to play under the SDS Developed COVID Safety Plan and the COVID Safety Plan of the Hosts.